Introduction: Zomzoc : Cosmic Weight Converter.

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  • ZoMzOc :

A cosmic weight converter prototype !!!! Very simple and easy build software startup!!

This prototype aim is to find your weight on different planets !! As simple as that !!

You can get into coding like a charm bell !! Don't worry
if you have no idea about coding and other stuff cause I'm gonna make it simple for you !

Just do as instructed if you feel like a lost alien


All the required files will be provided .

This prototype aim is to find your weight on different planets !! As simple as that !!


  • Patience
  • Practice
  • Calm Mind
  • Yourself(just kidding)
  • Python IDE (better if you choose VS code)
  • Download Links :
  • GitHub : click here
  • Drive : click here
  • SourceCode : clone now !!

Step 1: Importing Math Horrors

import math

This library makes your life easier for calculations and other stuffs like rounding , average , etc...

"import" - is like a call to your friend , to borrow necessary materials to get stuff done !

"math" - is a package where it contains necessary items to make your stuff a easier pie !

Step 2: Taking Inputs.........

"It's always important to keep your user unaware of the complicated stuff "
- abstraction(the act of hiding important stuff)

#syntax : (don't type this )
# variable_toStore = input(" this message is to ask for inputs ")
user_weight = input(" Hey , enter your weight in Kg !! \n")

Hurray , you have successfully made a program to take inputs !!!

So , you observed that # is used for declaring comments which is usually ignored .

"input" is used to simply take input and store it in a variable!!

"variable" is like a container which contains all the data you take from the user temporarily!!

That means it can be updated over time !!

Step 3: Exploring the Masses !!

#in python computing is very simple 
New_weight = round(user_weight/9.8) * other_planet_GravitationalForce

This is a bit of math stuff , but it's simple ...

All you have to to is divide your weight on earth by some other planet's gravitational force ...

I.e = (your_weight/9.8) * other planet GravitationalForce

here 9.8 is acceleration due to Earth's gravitational force.

you have literally covered the basics of programing , good going geeks !!

Step 4: Displaying Your

#print("put here to display\n")


#to display the converted weight !!

So , this is it , it's time to show off your work !!

"print" is used to simply fork your desktop display with stuff you put in !!

This is seriously the fundamentals of python and I tried to keep it as simple as possible and if you wish to study more just Google it and there are lot of resources out for you to explore !!!

Step 5: Conclusion ;

What to do next :

just take in your CMD(command prompt) or terminal . So begin by typing ,

~$ python

To run the python program !!! I have really tried my best to reach everyone so I have kept as simple as possible and to all the coding geeks please bear with it !!! (I'm not a expert programmer).

The actual code of the project is given here : Comic_Weight_Converter

Speaking of project , this is a little attempt to use the fundamentals of classic math to achieve a cosmic level super calculations and predictions!! This was a little fun way to use MATH and create huge chaos in calculations !! Thank you all !!

Happy Coding.

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