Zucchini Spaghetti

Introduction: Zucchini Spaghetti

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Its so yummy!!! Please read on!!

Step 1: E.V.O.O

Pour some extra virgin olive oil all over the pan

Step 2: Chop

Chop the zucchini just the way you like :)

Step 3: Optional Ingredient

I put Flavor Boost into the zucchini to boost up the flavor a little bit :) if you don't have this it's ok ;)

Step 4: Garlic

Cut up a clover of Garlic :)

Step 5: Put It in

Put the garlic in :)

Step 6: Garlic Salt

Pour a little bit of Garlic Salt

Step 7: Boil

If you don't know how to boil spaghetti noodles (I'm pretty sure you do) anyway set the stove on number 8 :)

Step 8: Noodles

I am use in a whole box of Great Value Noodles and I break them in half so the noodles fit in my pan (LoL)

Step 9: Check

Check the noodles a couple times so the noodles are to soft or not to hard :)

Step 10: Salt

Add some salt ! Just a little bit not to much!

Step 11: Drain

Drain the noodles don't rinse

Step 12: Done

Lastly add 1 can of chicken broth and you are all done you can more tons of different Veggies comment on how your turned of thanks have nice day bye!!

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