Introduction: A Few Bits for Hamsters

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a few tips and tricks of the hamster owning trade
Yes the hamster in the photo is my hamster. Her name is tammi

Step 1: Vinegar

Dont waste money on expensive "pet safe" disinfectant. Go and buy some white vinegar!
Empty the bedding as normal, pour some vinegar onto a cloth and just wipe the cage and the cage furnishings over, then rinse. then simply replace the bedding. This is safer then any "pet safe" disinfectant you can buy. It kills bacteria, and its 100% safe for your pet, after all, we eat it don't we?

Step 2: Toilet Paper Tubes

theres 101 different ways to use a toilet paper tube for a hamster. these are my favourite though.
Basic toilet paper tube - no work, just throw it in the cage for chewing and play
Bedding tube - leave some toilet paper on there, and just throw it in, the hamster uses the toilet paper for bedding.
Treat tube - put a few treats inside the toilet roll tube, and fold the ends in, give to hamster.

Step 3: Honey and Yogurt

Not together...
wipe a little honey on the bars of your hamster cage, or dip a little digestive biscuit in some honey.
Same with yogurt.
My hamster loves these, i think thats why shes so fat :)

Step 4: Bedding & Parasites

To rid hammy's bedding of nasty parasites, freeze it for 24 hours Obviously defros after...
I've never had a problem with wood chips, and I've had hamsters all my life. But i know that theres problems with certain kinds of wood chip, pine and cedar to be specific.
How do you tell what wood chips are pine and cedar? They have a red tint to them, where others are usually whiter in colour.
People say just to be safe dont use woodchips, but I use them and dont have a problem.
Carefresh is good, but personally I dont like it, It has been known to carry mites, but freezing it will fix this error, but i don't use it.
Wood based cat litter - Yes some people use it, i find it clumps and when the hamster pees it gets soggy and um how to say it... squishy and im sure uncomfortable.

Also don't be deluded... Hamsters DO get fleas. So check them if you have other pets.

Step 5: Bird Toys

Perfect! But, not plastic ones. Plastic shards can be swallowed, and even if they arent, plastic is addictive. My personal favourite, bird ladders, my hamster loves chewing them, and also they make great substitute level connecting ladders.