Introduction: Additional Led Flash Keychain for Laptop

this is a cool gagdet use for the laptop which doesn't have flash
but with the help of this u click ur pics in dark as well i t can also be used in mobile using otg cable and u can make it neckless also

Step 1: Material Required

an old USB port can be cutted from old data cable
an led some wire
some wire and some of soldering

Step 2:

take an old card readers casing
make a circuit as shown in diagram

Step 3: Compile Them in One

make a hole in the casing attach them both by glue paint it

Step 4: Make It Own Design

u can design ur own

Step 5: Can Be Used As Laptop Flash and Backlit of Lcd

u can also see video on YouTube @krypton inventors
can be weard as neckless