Introduction: An Elegant Book Cover From Old Jeans!!

this is an instructable of covering a book by recycling an old jeans and buttons

Step 1: Measure,cut

tools you'll need 1-scissors 2-glue i used wight glue 3 -decoration of your choice 1-measure the fabric ,i simply did it by laying the jeans piece underneath the book and cut abut 1 in larger,it doesnt have to be perfect cut coz its gona be hidden any ways .

Step 2: Glue

1-after you cut your fabric glue one side first of the book cover lightly and spread it evenly and stick the fabric and press it so that theres no air bubble. do the same to the otter side to . 2-cut the corners in an angle (its the second last pic) so when you fold it itll make a nice corner. 3-glue the edges of the inside of the book and stick the extra fabric by folding it to inside ,repeat it on the both sides of the book . 4-glue the edges of glued fabric lightly and stick the first page on the both sides of the book and let it dry for 15 minutes to half an hour ,and remember to put some thing in between the cover and the pages so it wont get glued to..

Step 3: Secure,decorate

1-after its dryad cut the extra fabric and burn the edges lightly and carefully to secure the edge do that to all the corners. 2-after the glue dried partly glue your desired decoration as you like ,the red one was for my daughters friend and the pink one my daughters the first one i decorated it with red lace and transparent falk ( sorry i dont what you call it ) and old buttons the pink one also with lace and buttons let it dry and your don.

Step 4: Reuse and Recycle

you can always reuse the cover by 1- tearing up the used peppers and bunching new ones . 2- recycling the used peppers for gardening or any diy project