Introduction: Bacon Fried Science Wings..

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Batter fried transgluteminase bacon binded chicken wings drenched with blue roquefort and swiss emmintaler hollandaise. drizzled at the end is a spicy, sweet and sour Louisiana pineapple sauce..

With that out of the way im going to  apologize ahead of time for the lacking amount of pictures. i contemplated scrapping this as a loss but realized id be depriving those who want to try this, a delicious flavor explosion i had never previously seen in a wing. Being true with all kitchens, commercial and home, something will always happen unexpectedly. i gathered enough pictures to make this so I'm grateful. what i lack in pictures ill make up in words, and for your sake, I'm pretty sure they aren't worth 1000 each.....except the finish photo, that ones nice.

Step 1: What You'll Need

2 lbs bacon to every 5 lbs chicken wings (if you plan to replicate the full wing instead of cutting down at joints you will need a commercial fryer.)
2 lbs bacon end pieces for additional fat transgluteminase (meat glue) follow mixing instructions
*toothpicks if you want to secure the bacon that way
1 cup flour+extra for dredge
1 can low sodium chicken broth (usually 2 cups)
white pepper
2 egg yolks
2 eggs
2/3 cup heavy cream
6 oz roquefort cheese
6 oz emmentaler swiss
1 cup fat free milk
bacon grease
lots of oil
1/3 cup Louisiana hot sauce(i use crystal)
1/4 cup seasoned rice vinegar
1/2 -1 tbs pineapple juice(the potency varies)
cornstarch slurry   1 tbs water 1/3 tbs cornstarch
latex gloves 
a brush

Step 2: Fat Rendering

on suuper low ..cover and let sit, every 5-7 min drain into cup with top still on to hold bacon.
make batter with 2 eggs, cup of flour, and cup of broth. paprika 1 tsp salt 1

Step 3: Prep#1

put raw meat in pan
have an assembly pan and a finish pan.
put on gloves and get brush.
mix meat glue to specifications.(TG)
now prep

Step 4: Pan Fry

i thought i could get away with a metal pan but i wouldn't recommend it..non stick all the way. heres your basic set up.
THERE IS AN IMPORTANT VARIABLE HERE: depending on the amount of oil for deep frying,  you want to pre cook the chicken longer the less oil you have..
and only put amount specified per me
1 gallon oil = p.f. 8min each side Bt-1pc
2 gallons oil= p.f. 5 min each side Bt-2pcs
make sure the oil never smokes during both frying processes process.

Step 5: Batter and Deep Fry

flour pan fried pieces then batter and plop in fryer. follow batch regulations on previous page to prevent sogginess.
cook till color of table in picture, about 7 min.
let first one sit for 5 min then open and adjust timing to doneness
set in warm oven to hot hold..above 165*, be sure not to over cook it.
start reducing leftover broth to 1/2 its size and add
hot sauce,pineapple juice,broth, and seasoned vinegar. heat till almost boiling then add cornstarch slurry (1) tbs water

Step 6: Sauce!!

this sauce is very tricky. if you have never made a hollandaise from scratch you might want help, or if you're gonna attempt it, watch it the whole time, its like a puppy with an open gate.
the temperature you want can be seen by watching the liquid create steam..too much heat and it will boil too little and it will separate.
you want a nice steam. dont be afraid to take it off the fire for a just needs to be hot enough to melt cheese..which isnt much.
you dont need a double boiler, i tried to use one here but messed up the first time.. pan heat is good just dont be afraid to rest it for 15 or 30 sec. it cools slower than it heats up, remember that.

start by shedding and crumbling both cheeses, separating and putting in small bowls set by stove
 put 2 egg yolks in pan off stove
slowwwly drip by drip whisk in 150 degree bacon grease off of stove
once 1/4 cup grease is in set on stove and add 1 tbs cream for emulsification.
stir and when back to temp add +1 tbs until half cream is gone
add pinch of swiss cheese and let sit (still keep temp correct) for a sec to incoorporate its self then stir..once first pinch is dissolved add one more and then once gone add rest of cream slowly to not cool, or microwave for 20-30 sec and pour right in.
get back to temp and add swiss 1/4 cup at a time till dissolved. keep stirring and add 1/4 cup milk, then  turn stove all the way up, hold pan over fire, add all blue cheese, stir over fire for 10 sec. take off, keep stirring, set above fire and stir till it looks creamy. take off fire, turn off burner, keep stirring till cooled by a few degrees and its thicker. add 1/2 tbs salt and 1/4 tbs white peppe for to taste(its the most important part of the  
sauce.) done
now the easy part add louisiana hot sauce,pineapple juice, broth, vinegar, heat to almost boiling, add slurry, stir 20 sec. and set on side to thicken..
NOW.. toss wings in sauce by setting in a bowl with sauce and flipping them, or set on platter and scoop cheese sauce on. then the hot sauce..aaaaaannndddddd DONE

Step 7: Done

hope it comes out well for you guys...good luck
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