Introduction: Bar/pub ***UPDATE***

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unfortunately I forgot to take lots of pics for this but its not hard at all so here we go! so t
you want a bar but dont have the space or $$$ for one off cl or at a garage sale. well here's an inexpensive way to build one that fits your space.

Step 1: Recycling/ Upcycling

this was an old king size headboard I cut the legs off of painted it with spray paint and hung up. works great and was FREE. now the "bar" itself takes a few dollars and some building skills but again its not rocket science.

Step 2: The I'm Not an Alcoholic Haha

the bar is family easy and not super pricey. I build mine for about $100+/- and i used the nicer stuff because I was planning on using the cheap stuff but found the nicer stuff on sale but was still more than the cheap stuff. I basically built 2 walls 60"L by 43"tall out of 2"x4" wood from Lowes for about $2.60 each. after I build my mini walls I screwed them together to make one thick 8" wall. now you can buy 2"x8" wood but it is expensive. after i had my 8" wide mini wall I cut cheap ply wood to fit both sides. about $10 each at Lowes and I used 2.after I had this set up I had to determine what to use as a bar top. I went with some in sale clearance tile 16"x16" that went well with my room I was building in. I double layered the left over ply wood and cut it to 16" wide strips for the top and screwed it to the 8" wall and let 4" hang over each side. then I used some nice looking brick paneling for the outside of the bar and glued it with liquid nails so I didn't have to see screws in it. I also liquid nailed the tile down so it won't be moving any time soon. next I added a small end on the back side of the bar so i could build a shelf under it. lastly I glued a nice trim around the tile for looks and help with edge chips. after all that was done (about 3 days after work for a few hours) I bolted it to the wall so it didn't tip and threw a party! good luck I hope this gave you an idea of what you are able to do on a budget and with a lil effort. DRINK UP MY FRIENDS!

Step 3: Pics and Ideas to Use!

here's the "update", I've added more bottles (big surprise right?) so I needed more space, well the neighbor redid his cabinets and I asked if I could have an old one and he generously gave one up for me. I pulled the door off and painted black to match the headboard shelf that I have and lined it all up so I had more shelving. then I scored a small sink at a yard sale for $20 then added a $10 faucet. to hook the sink up I got 2 garden hoses (yard sale $2 ea with broken ends) and 2 garden hose "Y" connectors and since my washer/dryer is behind the wall the sink is on I tapped into the hot/cold from the washer and ran the hoses thru the wall to the sink where I used hose clamps to fasten it to the faucet. now I have more shelving for more bottles and glassware (which my local $1 and $.99 store had some great deals on lowballs and shot glasses plus if they break no biggie right?) as well as a sink to wash shakers and glassware in during the party/game that's got everyone over here. SUGGESTION....... PUT UP A TIP JAR AND IT WILL HELP RECOUP THE $ YOU SPENT ON BOOZE TO STOCK YOUR BAR!

Step 4: Bargain Shopper!

here's a bargain....I paid $18 at dollar stores for

27 lowball glasses
2 beer glasses (20oz)
24 shot glasses

I also have my more expensive glassware I've collected from friends, craigslist or just had to have but 50+ glasses for under $20 is a steal! happy hunting!

please post your ideas and deals I'd love to hear them!