Introduction: Become a Superhero!

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Remember Magneto, that old guy with the mask from X-men?
So, his superpower was that he could sense and manipulate magnetic materials.
In a few minutes, you can be as cool as him! hooray!

Step 1: Everything

It's really simple--you're going to tape magnets to your fingertips. This way, you feel the magnetic fields that the magnet is attracted to. You could also take a look at the magnetic fingertip glove] instructable, which will give you the same results.

You need some magnets. I got mine from It cost me $10 for 30.
you want strong, fingertip-sized magnets.

You also need tape.

Now, tape the magnets onto your fingertips. Close your eyes and walk around waving your hands. You'll feel a pull when your fingertips come close(~1 inch) to a ferrous material. You can also feel magnetic fiels around current-carrying wires. I found that desktop halogen lamps have really strong magnetic fields around the transformers in their base, and fan motors also have a noticeable 60 hz buzz in the air around them.


Also, listen to the album "69 love songs" by the Magnetic Fields. If you hate it at first (I did), try to listen to it sporadically for a few years, and then spend a few nights sleeping in a hammock in a tidal marsh somewhere in northern massachusetts. At some point in this process, you'll gain an appreciation for the songwriting genius of Stephen Merritt.

Step 2: A Little More

a little more stuff about what you just did--
this is a simple way of mapping other information onto your existing senses. In this case, you're sensing magnetic fields through your sense of touch.

Somebody did a cool research project with a similar setup, trying to help piano students develop muscle memory for songs. She used electromagnets on her subjects fingers, and put electromagnets in piano keys, and would turn on the right combination of electromagnets--like c# and index finger, to encourage the subjects' index fingers to hit the C# key.

Some other sensory mapping stuff that's more advanced (just regurgitating things I read in tech blogs)--

Someone came up with a navigation system for the blind that would generate smells based on a sonar system that would detect how close obstacles were.
Someone else let blind people see by stimulating nerves in the tongue.

Anyway, this is cool stuff. Play with it!