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Introduction: Bicycle Head Light

this is a light i built for a bike it is really cool it lights up the whole street. things you will need are
*a head light
*car battery or any 12 volt battery
*wood or metal
*old jumper cables
*tape or electerial glue
*saw of some sort
all these parts can be found at your auto-store

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Step 1: Makein the Bracket to Hold the Head Light

find a way to mount the head light on the bike. Lucky for me because I had forks with a mount on them. If you have to take a piece of metal and bend it into a "L" shape and screw or bolt it to your forks. but don't put the head light on yet because it will be a pain in the @$$ to wire with it on. Once you have that done move on to the next step.

Step 2: Making the Box

ok for this step all you need to do is make a bok to hold you battery(s) thats it.metal or wood or just find a old box just do something

Step 3: Making the Box to Hold the Battery

OK this step is kind of a On-Your-Own step,because I don't know what kind of battery your using.
(NOTE:remember battery's have acid in them,if you wreck the acid can burn you skin and kill you so please be safe.)I used wood to make my box just because it was easer to cut. You can use anything you want. I used 2 DEWALT drill battery's. if you need to a motorcycle battery will work too. alright step 3 is next.

Step 4: Wireing the Head Light

OK if you know which tab on the the head light is positive then attache a red wire to it. then the other two are high and low beams. put it on high or low or if you know what your doing you can get a high and low beam switch and make it have both. OK moving to 5!

Step 5: Wireing the Bike

ok now run the positave wire from you battery to the light tape to the bike where needed.tape the wire to the battery so i dont fall off (also the head light)then run the negitave wire from the battery to the switch then to the head-light.wait till night then go try it out!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    . . . I did a similar rig in the 1990s with a deep-cycle snowmobile battery in back and a 300,000-candlepower floodlight on the front. I had cars stop in side-street intersections two blocks down the street, because they thought a train was coming! Being strong-legged, accelerating the extra weight was not a big deal for me, but be sure your brakes are good.
    . . . One courtesy to motorists, aim the light down and to the right, to not blind oncoming motorists, and shield the left (oncoming) side or just turn it off when in urban areas or if some oncoming car "flicks" their lights at you (do have a normal-power light available so you don't disappear; a 9+-LED handheld "pocket" flashlight is usually sufficient).
    . . . Always wear a bright yellow windbreaker or even a reflector-vest, and velcro strap-on ankle red blinkers are good, too. Don't affix lights to your helmet unless they break off easily, as hard-lump lights defeat the purpose of the helmet, it's like falling onto a rock.

    2 stroke
    2 stroke

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    all it needs is a front wheel thats the same size lol


    14 years ago on Introduction

    It would be nice to see how you did it, even so far as how you keep the batteries on the bike. What type of light is this, wattage? L


    14 years ago on Introduction

    You could do to tidy this up a bit (spelling, punctuation etc) Can you show this with the batteries, so we can see how you fix 'em in and connect them? And where did you get the headlight? L