Introduction: Three Wheeled Bike

I built a 3 wheeled bike its really cool and a lot of fun making it too.continue to the next steps.the tools you will need are

wrench(impact gun will work too)
something the bent out meatl(iused a floor jack)
measureing tape
(just for looks at the end spray paint)

Step 1: Step 1 Making the Back Bike

first you need two bikes(that work).take one bike and put it aside well need it later. take the one bike you want to use for the back. take the front wheel of and put it a side.(you wont be needing it its a 3 wheel bike)bend out the fork to fit on the back of the back of the other used a floor jack. now its time to go to the next step!

Step 2: Step 2 Making the Front Bike

as I said in the last step make sure the back bike will fit on the font one.un-screw the back wheel and check to see if the back bike fits on it.if it doesnt fit.bend out the forks some more untill it does. continue to step 3

Step 3: Puting It All Together

put the back wheel of the front bike on BUT DONT SCREW IT ON!while the wheel is setting there take the back bike with out the wheel and put it on the back wheel of the front bike and make sure its stright then i used a impact gun to put it on.if you dont have one use a wrench. make sure its tight.

Step 4: Riding the Bike

when riding the bike make sure everything is tight.also when all finished is you have two different colored bikes i suggest painting it all one color unlike a cheap-skate like me i just left as is.if you paint it all one color one wont look like a douf ridin it. thats my 3 wheeled bike if you want to know how or want a step by step email how to build it send me a email or a privitet message. Also if you have any other ideas on a four -3 or any wheeled bike please e-mail me at