Introduction: Black Light Nerf Gun!

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this badboy is a Nerf MAVERICK REV-6 with an integrated black light and lazer and a deadly stealth looking paint job, in this instructable ill show you all the necessary modifications to create this work of art

the principle of operation is based around the use of glow in the dark darts which are charged by the black light leds as they exit the barrel of the gun leaving the darts glowing bright as they continue on their trajectory 

Step 1: Insert Black Light Led Assembly

step one, take the gun this part is kinda a no brainer, youll need to find a way to fanangle some uv leds over the barrel, i used a dremel and a peice of prototype board to mount them, make shure you give yourself ample wire to work with as due to the fact it must be routed through the gun

Step 2: Insert Lazer Diode

yea you can put in a lazer if you like, i used a diode from a lazer pointer and made it look cool using the end cap of a funky pen.
just like the black light led assembly, you will need to remove plastic to accommodate it  in the housing 

Step 3: Install Switch for Lazer

to install the switch, you will need to drill a hole to accommodate the shaft of the toggle switch, then you can install the switch and solder up the positive lead to the switch and solder a wire from the battery pack in as well. 

Step 4: Install Switch for Black Light Led Assembly

yeah, this you'll have to invent a little on your own, but the intended result is to have the switch that will turn the black light leds on and off, actuated by the pulling of the trigger. timing the switch is crucial so it might take a couple of tries to get it right.

Step 5: Install Battery Pack and Assemble

this is easy, but you will have to remove plastic so it fits and then wire it all up and assemble and try it out to see if it all works

Step 6: Paint It Up!

well you've made it this far. Awsome. now if you desire, shoot on a can of spray paint to give it that custom look, i chose matt black from walmart just cause it looks good on just about any peice of plastic, also heres a video of it in action

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