Introduction: Brown Sloppy Joe or the Meatballs That Fell Apart

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Not every dish turns out as planned, sometimes they are total failures and inedible other times they can be rescued even if they aren't what was initially intended, that's what happened here and I thought I would share anyway since I was already taking the pics

Step 1: The Idea

I had some meat mix left over from I really like the gravy in that dish and thought, why not meatballs? Kind of an interpretation of swedish meatballs. I added a little more ground beef to the mix making about a half pound, I also added in the left over crushed cheese crackers from the salsbury steaks "ible" as well as some steak sauce and worchestershire sauce.

The steak and W sauce are where I think I went wrong and I could have saved the meatballs here IF I had added some more breadcrumbs but I thought the crackers would soak up more juice than they did

Step 2: Brown Onion Gravy

Unlike the salsbury steak recipe where I used the french onion soup straight from the can, this time I added 2 cans of water to the pot along with a shot of steak sauce and the french onion soup and brought it to a simmer over a medium heat. Once again I browned sliced onions in butter and olive oil, added flour to make a roux and allowed the flour to cook until light golden brown (about 3minutes) stirring constantly. I then added the onions and roux to the hot soup, stirred and allowed to simmer while I browned the meatballs

Step 3: Meatballs

This works well, I know it does, I've done it before! This time I goofed (shrug)

 You can use any dish you like but a casserole dish works well for me, put a couple tablespoons of flour in the dish, add seasoning of choice, I used salt,pepper, onion and garlic powder and mix well.

 Form your meatballs, I was going for 3 per sandwich so mine are medium sized, go for what size you want
 coat in flour, just roll the meatballs around in the dish with a spoon
 add a little bacon drippings or butter or olive oil to your frying pan and brown the meatballs on all sides? are there sides to a ball?
 and add to your onion gravy, allow to simmer for half an hour


for you younger folks out there the title is a misquote from Lost in Space, a television show from the previos century back when there were only 5 channels and most shows were in black and white!

 My meatballs flattened out and started falling apart when I turned them, I realized what I had done wrong but what to do now ?

Step 5: Saved?

I tasted the cooked meat and it was fine so I figured I'd just chop it up, placed each patty in the sauce and then chopped them all up with my spatula but now the sauce was to thin. I still had a hot pan with bacon and beef drippings so a little more flour was added and cooked until light brown then I poured the meat and sauce mix back in the frying pan and stirred until it was thickened

Step 6: Serving

I was still kind of in sandwich so I went open face, sliced a hard roll, laid down some cheese and smothered it with the brown sloppy joe, my long suffering companion decided she wanted egg noodles so she made some for herself (sorry no pic of that) it would also go good over rice, in fact I think I'll add green peppers to the left overs and have it with rice!