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Your website is very much like me. A lot of useful I've seen.
My name is Zvonko Keršič and my hobby is woodworking and metal.
This is my contribution.

multi-purpose cart
Everyone who does what needs stroller, to facilitate its work. This is made of parts, which is usually discarded. Costs for making the minimum. Production is very simple.

Step 1: Components


1 wheels of the stroller
2 profile of 25 x 25 mm for the lower part of
3 profile 20 x 30 mm - from the metal frame of the couch
4 profile 20 x 40 mm for shelf trolley
5 axles for wheels
6 fi metal tube of 32 mm from a mammal
7 Al tube fi 26 mm - parts of gym equipment
8 pvc profile of protective strips
9 chipboard 500 x 250 x 20 mm - scrap closet shelves for 6 pcs
10 carton
11 handle cardboard box
12 pvc drawer of the refrigerator
13 Non-slip backing
14 wood screws
15 Kniping screws
16 rivets
17 electrical terminals
18 Screws M6 x 60mm - 6 pieces - the junction of the lower profile and the profile of the couch

You can also use different profiles , the ones you have at your disposal .



1.In the profile item 2 drill 4 holes for the wheel axles
2.Insert axle and attach the wheels - protect against pulling with guards
3.Fix profile Item 3 of 6 M6 screws
4.Cut tube fi 32 mm from the vacuum on the half
5.Mounted tube fi 32 profile on pos 3 and riveted
6.Al tube poz 7 Tacking into the tube upside- 6 and riveted
8.Adjust and fix the bottom shelf - which lies box
9.Adjust and fasten the top 3 shelves - Kniping screws
10.On three shelves place anti-slip mat
11.Fix 2 profile and anti-slip mat with wood screws
12.On two profiles Item 4 tighten the screws Kniping 1 shelf
13.On top shelf , place anti-slip mat
14.Slip resistant pads protect the electrical clamps to sand the inner part
15.Fix pvc profile 8 pos Kniping with 4 screws on the hose from the vacuum
16 Print drawer of the refrigerator Item 12 on the PVC profile 8 pos
17.Insert anti-slip mat in the drawer of the refrigerator
18.On cardboard box attach the handle
19.Insert cardboard box on a shelf botton shelf

Step 3: Details

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