Introduction: Changing That Gold Clock

Hi. this is my first entry ever and I am a bit excited about it.

My granny had a clock that I really hated it. It was a golden clock with some black lines advertising a company :-/. One day I said to my self that's it, u r dead you gold clock. Then I started to think how I could make it a bit pleasant.

I took my first step before check into the site, realizing there is a contest so unfortunately I don't have the very original clock but some how it is comprehensible what it looked like before I start my project.

Step 1: Things I Used:

1- Acrylic primer (Gesso)

2- 4 colors of acrylic paint: purple, white pearl, gold and titanium white

3- nail gem stones of silver and gold

4- nail glue

5- sealer

6- Acrylic brush

7- some water

Step 2: Preparing

Before starting to paint the clock, I detached the frame of the clock, the covering glass and other parts that I could. Then I used Gesso so the paint would stick perfectly. Here is the clock after the first and the second coat of Gesso.

Step 3: Coloring

After the Gesso dried completely, I started painting.For the plate I chose a mix of Gold and titanium white and for the frame I mixed purple and white.

I painted them two times so the color looked deep. sometimes, I diluted the paint with water so the brush could move easier.

After those coats dried, I used the pearl white to make it look like pearl ( and I like the result ^_^)

Step 4: Numbering and Decoreting Time

For the numbering style I had different Ideas from simple numbers to roman style or even just a nail gem stone as an indicator but at last I ended up with roman numbering and I wrote them in light purple as the child of purple and white Acrylic paints. :D

I waited a while then I sprayed the sealer to protect my work.

Then I started to use those sparkling gem stones I had bought for my toes after asking myself why not using them for home decoration?

I picked each gem stone by pressing cosmetic pencil's tip over it then glued its back and put it where I wanted.

I chose random places and colors. I even went around the handles and stoned it $$)

Step 5: The Result

Here is the result!

After I was done with gems, I put back the covering glass and the frame and hanged it to its place.

Step 6:

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