Introduction: Cheap and Easy Scars

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We were sitting around the other evening, tables filled with building materials from working on this years haunt when inspiration struck. I did the 1st one on an empty cigarette pack, just to see if it would work. When it turned out I thought I'd do an instructable hopefully early enough to help anyone outthere in the etherworld who is stuck for costume ideas

Step 1: Getting Ready

Your going to need a small amount of materials, a tube of acrylic latex caulk and a caulking gun would be nice, tape, cellophane or other semi stiff plastic, I'm using the wrapping from prestreched artist canvas (recycle, reuse)water and container

Step 2: Getting Started

Tape down your plastic or cellophane to a firm surface and lay down some scar shaped snakes of caulk

Step 3: Molding/forming

Now for the fun part ! Get your fingertip wet and start forming that mess of snakes into scars, smooth out the center and bring the sides down on an angle so it blends in to where your putting it. When you have the shape your happy with, find something to add a little texture to the open part of the "wound" . On my 1st one I used a stone I picked up from next to my chair, on these I used the cut off scrap from a ziptie and a bamboo skewer. Once your satisfied set it aside to dry for a couple of hours, My 1st one dried overnite

Step 4: Finishing Up

Once the "scars" are dry use acrylic craft paint to color them, colors are your choice or you can wait until you attach them with spiritgum and apply your makeup right over them. You can also make really disgusting large scabs or scales or...

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