Chicken Kabsa (with Tahini)




Introduction: Chicken Kabsa (with Tahini)

Kabsa is a famous Middle Eastern dish which is particularly eaten in the gulf region, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arabs of Emirates, and Bahrain. It is primarily made of chicken and rice with a delicious side of tahini sauce.

In this intractable page, I will try my best to guide you through the process of cooking this delicious meal.

Step 1: Ingredients

- Three potatoes

- One onion

- Three tomatoes

- Three chilies

- Two pounds of basmati rice (NOTE: other types of rice not recommended)

- One whole chicken

- One tomato paste

- One tahini

- One lemon

Step 2: Spices

- One tablespoon of salt

- Three pay leaves

- Three cloves

- Three teaspoons of cumin

- One tablespoon of chili powder

- Two teaspoon of grounded Coriander

- One-tablespoon ground ginger

- Five teaspoon of cayenne paper.

- Two teaspoons of black paper

- Two Magie cubes for better taste.

Step 3: Preparations

- Wash all the ingredients with water and salt to take out the dust. Clean the chicken by adding rough sea salt while scratching it to eliminate the grass.

- Cut the potatoes into cubes of medium sizes. Cut the onions in very small sizes to save you time when cooking.

- Cut the three tomatoes in relatively large cubes. Cut two of the green chilies into very small pieces and leave the third for the representation.

- Place the two-pound rice in a big bowl and wash it with cold water by shuffling the rice. Leave the rice aside to absorb the water.

- Cut the chicken in quarters and take out the skin. Add species to the chicken for flavor.

Step 4: Cooking Instructions-part 1

- Turn up heat to medium temperature, add have cup of vegetable oil in a deep large pot. Stir oil till it worms up

- Add onions cubes into pot and stir fry till they become golden. Add chicken flavored bouillon.

- Place chicken slices into pot and stir frequently until they are half-cooked and place them on a plate to cool down on the side.

Step 5: Cooking Instructions-part 2

- Put potatoes cubes into the pot and add boiling water until potatoes cubes are completely submerged.

- Close the pot with lid and let boil until potatoes are cooked for half an hour

Step 6: Cooking Instructions-part 3

- Put chicken back into the pot after potatoes are cooked; add tomatoes slices, tomato paste into the pot to be cooked with potatoes.

- Add bay leaf (3) into pot.

- Add 2 chilies strips into pot

Step 7: Cooking Instructions-part 4

- Add seasoning (coriander, chills, grounded ginger, 4 cloves)

- Pour grain into pot.

- Add water until rice is submerged at a depth approximately 1 inch.

Step 8: Tahini Sauce

- Add 5 tablespoons of tahini into bowl.

- Squeeze 3 lemons into the same bowl.

- Add sea salt and black peppers and some paprika (1 teaspoon each) into the bowl.

- Add hot boiling water gradually into the bowl while stirring till it become smooth.

- Place tahini into freezer while preparing kabsa for best taste and result.

- Serve cold tahini sauce as a side with the kabsa.

Step 9: Representation

-Transfer rice to plate with chicken on top.

Serve with tahini sauce.

Step 10: Enjoy

bon appetit

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Is the cover pic yours? I see pine nuts and peas in it while ingredients don't call for that. You can use other kinds of rice for kabsa, such as Italian and Egyptian rice. Tahini dip or sauce is not served widely with kabsa in the Gulf. No need for "of" in Emirates. Lots of spices for me. I love this dish and I thank you for presenting it to the family of Instructables. A joke related to Tahini as it's not a must side dish: An Indian invited a Westerner colleague to a home dinner. It was hot ,as Indian food known to be. Ice cream was the only desert available at that dinner time. The guest thought that ice cream is served to relieve the burning sensation after a hot meal. So every time his friend invited him for a meal he'd wait fot ice cream to be served. I lived in KSA for 31 years. They don't add potatos to their kabsa. Kuwaitis do and also add eggeplant as well. Try the latter, You'd like it also. Best wishes.


    7 years ago

    I'm a bit surprised; i thought kabsa was a different dish but I guess it's pretty much the same as machboos de'ai!


    7 years ago

    looks yummy thnx for sharing


    7 years ago

    That looks Delicious! Definitely going to make this next weekend.