Chocolate Cake

Introduction: Chocolate Cake

Step 1: What You Need!

First you would need the box of cake and all the ingredients that the box cake needs

Step 2: Mix Your Ingredients

This is the step where you blend the cake mix and the ingredients in a medium size bowl rather use the spoon or a whisk.

Step 3: Ready to Bake

This is the step where you get you cake pans or cup cake pans and butter/oil them down. You can use olive oil or butter. I used butter you take a napkin and butter the whole inside of the pans so the batter won't stick.. Also preheat the oven to the appropriate heat

Step 4: Pour

Pour you mixed batter into the greased cake pans. Even them out so one layer of the cake is not bigger than the other one. Once you put mostly all the batter in, you can now eat the bowl. Or give it to your family to share

Step 5: Into the Oven

Once the oven is done pre-heating put the cake pans into the oven set the timer and wait for your beautiful cake

Step 6: Cool Off

Take the cake out of the oven & let the cake cool off until it's icing time !

Step 7: Icing Tome

This is the time to gently take the cake out of the pans and place them on a flat surface plate. & ice the cake

Step 8: Finish Product !

Last but not least get you a great big slice of cake & enjoy

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    Fission Chips

    This looks mouth-wateringly awesome! I love how your frosting gives it a nice shine. I want to eat it so bad, and I will probably make this in the next few days! Great job, looks delicious.