Introduction: Circulare Building Plan

this is a a step by step plan for my design class model project.

Step 1: Materilas

the materials that are going to be used are:

cutting knife
hot glue

foam board
sand paper

Step 2: Procedure

1.first lay out the building  design and measure its measuring.10m=2.5cm
2.make a template out of paper so you can use it to make your first foam board template.
3.take the pen and draw the different shapes needed.
4.take the cutting knife and cut out the shapes and use the sand paper to make it flat and smooth if you have extra spots that are not needed.
5.the take the hot clue and clue the shapes together.
6.take the sand paper and smooth of the corners so it look like a circle that is the shape of the building.

Step 3: How Your Building Should Look Like

this is how it should like it is a template if you want to change the colors or way how do do it