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Take your leatherworking skills further in this follow-up to my Beginning Leatherworking Class. In this second class, we'll continue working with chrome tanned leather, and build on the basic techniques we've already mastered to create a simple leather bag. Learn how to create patterns for basic leather accessories and then practice punching, gluing, sewing attaching buckles, clasps, and more as you complete your own custom leather design!

Humans have been using leather for thousands of years to create all kinds of practical and decorative objects. The process of creating leather is a fascinating synthesis between nature and technology, and leather itself is an incredibly versatile material. Working with leather is often considered a specialized skill, but it doesn't have to be! Leatherwork may seem intimidating, but as you will see, it is actually surprisingly easy if you have the right tools.

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Class Author:MikaelaHolmes

Mikaela is a costume and experimental fashion designer and artist, who has done her best to make playing dress-up into a career. She has trained in both the costume and fashion design industries, and works with all kinds of materials and techniques including leather, fabric, LEDs, fiber optics, sewing, painting, sculpture, laser cutting and 3D printing. She spends most of her time figuring out how to fuse traditional design and leatherwork with simple wearable tech to create clothing and accessories that turn her into a time traveling cyborg superhero!

She is a former Artist in Residence at the Autodesk Pier 9 workshop, and currently an in-house content creator for the Instructables Design Studio.


Lesson 1: Tools and Supplies for Intermediate Leatherwork

This lesson is where you'll find links to all the tools and materials you need for this class, as well as brief discussions of what each tool is used for, and info about choosing leather for your project. Everything you need to get started!

Lesson 2: Making Leather Patterns

Learn how to design simple accessories and create accurate paper patterns for leather designs.

Lesson 3: Custom Leather Bag

Use the pattern you've created (or one I've provided) to cut out and start constructing your own custom leather bag.

Lesson 4: Creating Sewing Holes in Leather

Learn how to use stitching chisels, awls and overstitch wheels to create even, accurate holes for hand sewing leather.

Lesson 5: Leather Adhesives

Discover how helpful glue and double stick tape can be in the process of leather construction.

Lesson 6: Sewing Leather

Assemble the pieces of your bag using two versions of the classic saddle stitch.

Lesson 7: Leather Hardware: Rings

Learn how to add useful and attractive details to your designs with the simplest leather hardware: rings.

Lesson 8: Leather Hardware: Buckles and Clasps

Explore different kinds of buckles and learn how to attach them to leather straps to create closures.

Lesson 9: Creating Leather Straps and Handles

Finish your bag design by creating and attaching one of several strap variations.

Now that you have the skills, what are you waiting for?
Get out there and make something!