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Plastic PVC is most commonly used by plumbers and very clever DIY enthusiasts. This material and pipe were designed to transport water, as it cannot wear out over time like rusting metal can. PVC is also structurally very strong. When parts are constructed properly, it can support structures that are hundreds of pounds!

This class aims to go over the material properties of PVC as well as the most common ways it is worked, machined, joined, and finished. You'll be inspired to create furniture, agriculture projects, and more after learning these simple techniques to work with PVC.

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Hi! I'm Audrey Love, an artist, fabricator, and baker residing in Los Angeles, CA. My art and making practice has pushed me to learn skills such as welding, woodworking, and electronics - and I'm still hungry for new skills all the time. When not working on Instructables projects, you can find me camping, hiking, and dancing all over the world.

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Tools and Materials for PVC

Lesson 1: Tools and Materials for PVC

We kick off this class with a list of common tools and workshop consumables needed for working with PVC, as well as an in-depth overview of what PVC pipe is and safety protocols for working with it.

Tools and Materials for PVC

Tools and Materials for PVC Started

Cutting and Making Holes

Lesson 2: Cutting and Making Holes

Whoever knew you had so many options when it came to cutting down and machining PVC? This section goes over the many ways you can make long lengths of PVC shorter, and add holes as necessary.

Cutting and Making Holes

Cutting and Making Holes Started

Gluing and Fastening PVC

Lesson 3: Gluing and Fastening PVC

Get your respirator on for this lesson, because it's a stinker! We'll go over how to work with bonding PVC into pipe fittings, but also discover that not every PVC joint needs to be cemented together.

Gluing and Fastening PVC

Gluing and Fastening PVC Started

Cleaning and Finishing PVC

Lesson 4: Cleaning and Finishing PVC

Take your pipe from drab to fab in this section! This lesson goes over how to remove manufacturer's printing from PVC pipe, and how to prep PVC projects for painting.

Cleaning and Finishing PVC

Cleaning and Finishing PVC Started

Bending and Forming PVC

Lesson 5: Bending and Forming PVC

We end with a slightly advanced skill, making PVC bends. Heat forming PVC is a bit tricky, but with practice and ingenuity, you'll be ready to make safe bends.

Bending and Forming PVC

Bending and Forming PVC Started

Now that you have the skills, what are you waiting for?
Get out there and make something!