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Beginner Level

3..2..1.....BLAST OFF!

Rockets are a great way to blend the basics of aerodynamics, physics, and fun! In this introductory class we'll look at basic rocket design and understanding the forces at play that dictate how well rockets perform, then we'll test this knowledge by making a few different types of rockets and launching them!

This class is aimed at the budding rocket enthusiast, and aims to keep things accessible by using mostly household items to create our own rockets. The class culminates with making and launching a solid fuel rocket, capable of achieving altitudes that would make any astronaut dizzy.

Strap in, Cadet, we're about to shoot for the stars!

Enter an Instructables contest!

If you've made an awesome rocket project, try writing an instructable about it and entering it in one of our contests to win some great prizes!

Class Author:mikeasaurus

Mike is a self-taught DIY troublemaker with a love of making projects that inspire, and projects that go boom!

He's designed and built hundreds of prototypes that explore the intersection of functionality and whimsical absurdity, from chainsaw blenders to successfully melting metal in a microwave (though, that project eventually caught fire).

His work has been featured all over the Internet, in print media in all kinds of languages, and in television and movies. When not getting his hands dirty building, Mike is a published author and video maker.


Lesson 1: Tools + Supplies

Dip your toes in the science behind what a rocket is and how it works. We'll cover the basics of rocket design and look at the supplies we need for this class.

Lesson 2: Stomp Rockets

Apply basic rocket principles to a simple stomp rocket with big results. This lesson will demonstrate the basics of design and propulsion which we'll see in all future rockets we create.

Lesson 3: Pump Rocket

Taking our knowledge to the next level, the pump rocket improves upon the simple designs we started with and produces crowd-pleasing results.

Lesson 4: Model Rockets

Get ready to blast off by making and launching a solid fuel rocket, reaching hundreds of feet.

Now that you have the skills, what are you waiting for?
Get out there and make something!