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The table saw is a cornerstone of every shop, and in this introductory class you'll learn the fundamentals on how this powerful and versatile machine works. We'll start with the anatomy of a table saw and how to calibrate your saw to achieve precise cuts every time, and then move onto skills like ripping wood, making mitre cuts, and learning about how to make rabbets and dadoes.

Whether you've got a budget saw or high end model, the skills to operate effectively are the same. By the end of this class you'll have covered almost all the cuts you'll ever make with a table saw. You'll have the skills and confidence to handle the table saw like a pro, and soon be taking your techniques far beyond the scope of this class.

Ready to be a table saw pro? Let's make!

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Class Author:mikeasaurus

Mike is a self-taught DIY troublemaker who enjoys working with wood to make all kinds of fun things, like the glow table, scrap ends table, and a wedding card box made from a log.

Outside of the wood shop he's designed and built hundreds of prototypes that explore the intersection of functionality and whimsical absurdity, from chainsaw blenders to successfully melting metal in a microwave (though, that project eventually caught fire).

His work has been featured all over the Internet, in print media in all kinds of languages, and even on Japanese television. When not getting his hands dirty building, Mike is a published author and video maker.


Tools + Materials

Lesson 1: Tools + Materials

Learn about table saws at a few price points, what types of blades there are and how to use them, and what type of safety considerations there are with the table saw.

Tools + Materials

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Meet Your Saw

Lesson 2: Meet Your Saw

There are lots of table saws on the market, but they all function basically the same. This class will walk you through the anatomy of a saw and proper use of all the accessories.

Meet Your Saw

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Ripping Wood

Lesson 3: Ripping Wood

Cutting wood along the grain is probably the most used function of a table saw. Learn how to safely and effectively make precise rip cuts on the saw.

Ripping Wood

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Lesson 4: Mitres

Learn how to use the mitre track in your table saw to make all kinds of angled cuts.


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Dadoes + Rabbets

Lesson 5: Dadoes + Rabbets

Learn the difference and apply techniques that will have you making shallow depth cuts of all kinds.

Dadoes + Rabbets

Dadoes + Rabbets Started

Now that you have the skills, what are you waiting for?
Get out there and make something!