Introduction: Closing a Crashed Program

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one of the most common problems to ocure with a pc is when everything freezes or locks up while you are using an application, and the mouse and key board will not respond.

well in this Instructable I am going to show you how to fix this problem

Step 1: Freezes and Lockups

first, give your PC a moment to sort your self out.
never hastily turn the pc off as this can lead to further problems.

Step 2: Using Colntrol, Alt, and Delete

after waiting a while, try to close the locked-up application by using the key combination off

holding down these simultaneously should display the windows task manager .

Step 3: Windows Task Manager

this box shows all the applications that are currently running on your system and next to the locked up application there shod be a message that reads : NOT RESPONDING

click on the name of the application in the dialog box, and click on the end task button .

Step 4: End Task or Shutdown

if the software still refuses to close immediately, wait a few moments before pressing
ctrl + alt + del again, which shod reboot your machine. if the computer still won't respond, then you will have to press the restart button on the front of your PC, if you have one. if you don't have a restart button then you will have to turn the machine off, wait 15 seconds and then turn it on again in the conventional way.