Introduction: Coffee Syrup

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There is a certain U.S. midatlantic island state thatclaims to be the original home of coffee milk, I can't attest to that but coffee syrup is avialable in severel mid and north atlantic states. My grandmother made coffee syrup by running the brewed coffee back through fresh grounds in a perculator coffee maker several times. When I finally gave up my perculaor snobbeery and switched to a drip machine I went against recommended proceedures and ran the coffee over fresh grounds 3 or 4 times to get a very dark beyond espresso brew which I had to heat and add sugar to. Either way its a LOT of work and takes a while (the results are worth it) But there IS an easier way !

Step 1: Getting Started

I had to cut way back on my coffee consumption due to doctors orders but still wanted SOME coffee, so I tried a lot of instant coffees until I found the one I liked best, to my taste buds that was nescafe classico, feel free to use whichever brand you enjoy or the multipul drip method if you prefer (takes a LOT of coffee)

 Find a recyclable container you can use for your syrup or go buy one if you prefer.
 Measure the amount of liquid your container holds, mine was just under 2cups

 You'll need for this container,

  2 cups of water
  2 cups of sugar
  2 cups of instant coffee (undiluted, straight from the jar)

Step 2: Make It Up

To make the coffee syrup, first we have to make a simple syrup, in this case I brought 2cups of water and 2cups of sugar to a small bubble/low simmer, stirring constantly(be careful its easy to burn the syrup)

 Turn off the heat and stir in 2cups of your (dry) instant coffee of choice and stir until mixed.

If you prefer using a multibrewed extra strong liquid coffee, you need to disolve an equal amount of sugar to liquid, bring the brewed coffee to just before the boil (small bubbles begin to appear around the edge and stir in your sugar, being sure to stir constantly so neither the sugar or coffee scorches (depending on your machine the brewed coffee may be hot enough to disolve all the sugar)

 allow to cool and then pour into your container (be VERY careful at this stage, molten sugar gives a very bad burn)

Step 3: What Is It Good For?

WOW that title sounds like the lyrics from a song...

 Ok, now you have your coffee syrup, what can you use it for ?

  pick me up (not recommended) dragging a little in the morning? A teaspoon of this syrup will jump start you but be warned, its barely palatable straight.

 Coffee milk, put about 2 tablespoons of syrup in a glass, add milk and stir. I'm sure theere's some kind of coffee shop name for this but coffee milk doesnt twist the tongue..

 Iced coffee, fill a glass with crushed ice, add a couple tablespoons of coffee syrup and fill with cold water

 coffee spritzer, same as above but use tonic/sparkling water
  (experiment with how much you want, it varies person to person just like making chocolate milk)

  pour over icecream, I prefer it over vanilla or chocolate but its up to you

  MIx a tablespoon or 2 into chili

  Use your imagination

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