Introduction: Control LEDSs Using Any Infrared (TV) Remote Control

This is my first instructable. In this instructable i will show you how ON/OFF LEDs or DC motors using infrared remote control.e

Step 1: Components

1)Infrared receiver


3)Arduino uno

4)Jumper Wires

5)Infrared Remote control

Step 2: 1.Circuit Digram

In this project there are two circuit digrams.In first circuit digram we taken the values from the infrared remote.

Infrared receiver pins

 First pin: VOUT,

 Second pin: GND

 Third pin: Vcc

connect Infrared receiver pins


Infrared Receiver - Arduino

OUTPUT Pin -Pin 11


first upload the sketch to your arduino using arduino IDE.

After a while values appear in the serial monitor when you press the volume up key or any other key,Then press buttons you wanted to use for on/off the LEDs and take a value and write the values .

in my case

Power: 6F930CF

 Volume+: 6F958A7

 Volume-: 6F97887

You will need to convert those hexadecimal numbers to decimal you can use this tool for that..Then just need to change your remote control values from my Arduino code.

Step 3: 2.Circuit Digram(Final Circuit)

In this step

you have to connect LED1 to pin2 of arduino ,LED2 to pin4 ,of arduino &last LED3 connect to pin 7 of arduino.

and Then just edit the sketech and replace code1 word from values that you converted to decimal from hexadecimal for LED1 and same for LED2 and LED3.

in my case




just edit the sketech and upload the sketech to arduino.

then you are successfully control leds .for dc motor replace the led with motor ang use a transsister .

thakyou for reading.