Introduction: Cover Up a Bare Picture Hook With Sugru

My favorite handmade broom hangs from a heavy-duty picture hook in the doorway of the kitchen. It's a practical storage solution, but is also extremely ugly. I wanted to make it look better and thought perhaps sugru might be a good material. it turned out it was.

Step 1: Materials

Besides the bare hook, all that is needed is sugru and in this case, two tiny black beads.

I used three colors of sugru: blue, green and orange. Of course, you can choose the color, amounts and embellishments to suit your particular needs.

Step 2: Mixing Sugru Colors

Inspired by this video, I decided to mix a custom teal color. One full packet of green and about 1/3 packet of blue combined into something that fit into the house colors a little better.

Step 3: Shaping the Hook Cover

I was surprised by the stickiness of sugru, but this quality also made it easy to press a small blob over the hook and onto the wall.

Step 4: Adding Details

A smaller blob of orange sugru was formed into a beak. And though I could have used black for the eyes, I thought the beads would be easier and more lifelike than what I could sculpt myself. 

Step 5: A Bird's Head Hook Cover

The whole project took maybe 10 minutes. It's a simple change that makes the room feel a lot warmer than the bare hook did. Not a classic sugru hack--but since I use the broom every day, I think of it as a welcome visual "repair."

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