Introduction: Custom Homemade Guitar Picks

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In this instructable I will teach you how to make a custom, homemade guitar pick. The guitar pick is made of copper clad, and you can add whatever image/name/logo you choose.


Copper clad
Ferric Chloride
Glossy photo paper


Cut off wheel
Rotary tool
Laser printer (to print image you want transferred)
Scotch Brite pad
Clothes Iron or hair straightener

Step 1: Choose Your Image

This is my first instructable...

I ran across some guitar picks like this online and immediately said to myself "I could make my own and it would mean more to me". so I found a picture (make sure it is a black and white photo, whatever is black will be copper when finished)

Step 2: Scuff Up the Copper Clad

This is very simple. Just take the copper clad and a piece of Scotch Brite pad(or very fine sand paper) and scuff up the copper clad where you plan on putting the image.

Step 3: Transfer Image Onto Copper Clad

Make sure to reverse the image. then using a laser printer, print it out onto some glossy photo paper.

Then place image onto the copper clad and use a Iron or hair straightener to transfer the toner from the image onto the copper clad. this should only take a couple minutes.

Let the piece cool for about a minute, then place it in some water. I usually let mine soak for about 10-15 minutes.

Peel the paper of and clean any paper left behind with a toothbrush.

Step 4: Cut Out General Shape of the Guitar Pick With a Cut Off Wheel.

Just get a general shape and you can easily fine tune it when the copper has been etched

Step 5: Etch the Guitar Pick

Pour the ferric chloride into a plastic container and place the pick in it. Agitate the ferric chloride every few minutes.
It should only take about 15 minutes or so.

Make sure to wear latex gloves to remove the guitar pick.
If the copper is gone in the areas that you wanted to etch then rinse it off.

Step 6: Cleaning Up

Using the rotary tool with a sanding bit, shape and sand the edges of the pick. Then you can use it to put a bevel on the edge if you wish.

Use the piece of Scotch Brite to clean the toner off of the pick and you will be left with a beautiful, shiny new guitar pick that you made yourself.

The possibilities are endless!

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