Introduction: Doritos Bag Problem

for our instructable we are making the doritos bag smaller so that we use less plastic

Step 1: Get the Materials

2 doritos bag
1 ruler
1 pair of scissors
1 stapler
1 calculator (optional)

Step 2: Measure the Bag for the Volume

without popping the 1st bag form the doritos bag into a rectangular prism get the ruler and measure the bag sides (height, length and width) 

Step 3: Find the Volume

to find the volume you have to take the measurements and plug them into this equations (length*width*height)

Step 4: Measure for the Surface Area

to measure the surface area you have to open the first bag and dump the doritos out now you open the bottom it should now kinda look like a tube and now cut on one of the long sides so when you flatten it out it is a rectangle measure the sides with the ruler

Step 5: Find the Surface Area

to find the surface area use the measurements and plug them into this equation (length*height)

Step 6: Making the Smaller Bag

get the second bag and cut the bag short ways so that there is about a centimeter now you have to get the stapeler and staple the bag a few times so it is closed

Step 7: Measure for Volume and Surface Area Again

follow steps 2-5 on the smaller bag

Step 8: The End

you can now compare the diffrence of the measurements of the origanal bag and the small bag

Step 9: Our Numbers

the volume we got for our regular bag was 46.79 in cubed
the surface area we got for the regular bag was 99.1875 in squared

the volume for our new bag was 19.25 in cubed
the surface area for our new bag was 60.375 in squared