Introduction: Duct Tape Collapsible Cup

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How to make a collapsible cup out of duct tape. A cup that collapses into a small portable carrying size. Great for camping, hiking, and traveling.

Step 1: Supplies


- duct tape
- cutting utensil (xacto knife works best)
- ruler or measuring tape

Step 2: Bottom Ring

Making the bottom ring/the base of the cup.
1. Cut a piece of tape 7-8 inches long.
2. Fold the piece of tape in half lengthwise or hotdog style.
3. Bend into a ring shape and tape so that it stays in that shape.

Step 3: Second Ring

Making the second ring.
1. Measure out a piece of tape by lining your tape up with the first ring and marking with your finger how long it should be so that it fits snuggly.
2. Cut wherever you marked.
3.  Fold in half lengthwise or hotdog style.
4.  Wrap that around the first ring. (first ring is blue second is gray)
5. Tape at the joint where the ring connects. DO NOT TAPE TO THE INSIDE RING.
6. Slide the inside ring out.
7. Finish taping the second/outside ring.
8. slide the outside ring back on.
9. Keep using the same process remember use the second ring to measure the third ring, the third ring to measure the fourth ring etc. like a telescope.

Step 4: Base/bottom of the Cup

Making the base/bottom of the cup. 
1. Cut two pieces of duct tape longer than the diameter of the bottom ring of your cup. my cup could fit on one piece if yours can't cut two more pieces the same size. 
2. If you only have one piece just stick the two sticky sides on top of eachother.
3. If you needed two pieces place one piece sticky side up. Put a piece sticky side up on the edge of that. place the other two pieces on top of those.
4. Trace your bottom ring onto the non sticky piece of tape you just made.
5. Cut out where you traced.
6. Tape to the bottom of you'r first ring 
7. Recover the sides and bottom of the ring.

Step 5: Finishing the Cup

insert the bottom back into the cup and your finished you have a collapsible cup.

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