Introduction: Duct Tape Drawstring Bag

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There are thousands of things to make out of duct tape. If you work with duct tape often you probably know how versatile it really is. You can make bags, wallets, clothing, anything really. These are the steps involved in making a drawstring bag. You can be as creative as you want with this project using different colors of tape, making different sized bags, etc. These instructions could even be used as basic guidelines for making a backpack or a duffel. No matter what lengths you take this project to, it all starts with a simple roll of duct tape.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

 - duct tape
 - ruler or measuring tape
 - cutting utensil (xacto knife works best)
 - a long rod -  2 ft long is more than enough (I used knex rods)
 - thin rope or long shoelace/bootlace 4-6 ft long  

Step 2: Making a Sheet of Tape Pt. 1

Making the sheets of tape for the front and back of bag.
1. Cut a piece of tape 19 inches long and place on table sticky side up.
2. Cut another piece of tape and place it on the edge of the first piece sticky side up. It should now look a bit wider.
3. Keep adding pieces until it is about 19" x 14" inch piece along the top sticky side down so the in that place both sides are smooth.

Step 3: Making a Sheet of Tape Pt. 2

1. Place another 19 inch piece along the top sticky side down so the in that place both sides are smooth.
2. Do the same process of putting pieces on the edge but instead lay them sticky side down.
3. It should looke something like this and non sticky/gray on both sides.
4 .When you flip it over if there is still a bit of stickyness thats ok just cut it off or fold the sticky part over.
5. trim the edges to 18" x 13" so that the edges look nice and so that you have a nice sized bag.
6. Repeat the steps 2 & 3 of the instructable.

Step 4: Folding the Top

Making an opening across the top:
This part is easy all you have to do is fold over 1/2 inch from the top (the top is one of the two shorter sides) and tape that down. Making an opening across the top.
Repeat on other sheet!

Step 5: Taping Bottom of Bag

1. Lay the two sheets of tape against eachother placing  the side you just folded over and taped face down.
2. Cut a 14 inch piece of tape to connect the two shorter sides.
3 tape the two sheets together .

Step 6: Taping the Sides

Taping the sides.
1. Fold the bag back in half.
2. Place tape along one of the  the longer sides.
3. Flip the bag over and fold the tape over.
4. Repeat on other side.

Step 7: Cutting Holes

You will need to cut a hole on each side to tie off the string.
1. cut a hole in the bottom corner.
2 repeat on other side.

Step 8: Adding Strings

This part can be confusing just follow these steps and it should'nt be hard.
1. Tie the string to the rod.
2.  Push the rod through the opening you made across the top of the bag until the rod is all the way out. Dont pull the string all the way out!
3. Push the rod through the other opening pushing it the opposite way.
4. Even out the two sides of the string.
5. Put them through the hole and tie them off like you would a balloon
6. repeat with the other string but go the opposite way/start on the opposite side

Step 9: Your Finished!!

Thats all there is to it! You now have a duct tape bag.

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