Introduction: Dynamite Ipod Clock and Charger

what your looking at is avery realistic dynamite ipod clock and charger this should take no more than 30 minutes to make this and the cost is very low i am working on a better one right now and will post it at a later date but this is a cool way to charge your ipod and im pretty sre none of your friends have one like it either have fun!

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: The Measuring

use the ruler to measure two feet on the cardboard tube

Step 3: The Cutting

cut the excess tube off

Step 4: More Cutting

cut three 8 inch pieces from the 2 foot peice

Step 5: Wrapping

wrap the three pieces in duct tape

Step 6: More Duct Tape

wrap the ends of the tubes in red duct tape

Step 7: Electrical Tape

stack the tubes into a pyramid and put black electrical tape around both ends

Step 8: The Card Board

get cardboard and cut a small section that your ipod will sit on then duct tape it to the other part

Step 9: Wires

get the controll panel out of the alar clock and tape it to the back and tape the wires to the front

Step 10: The App Store

go to the appstore and download the FREE app clocks! and include the exclamation point

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