Introduction: Extreme Unicycling !

extreme unicycling is a fun sport that i got into a few years back, and i thought i would share it with everyone else.
its not a very famous sport, but it is slowly being more recognized thanks to people like kris holm.
its not a high speed sport like motorcross or sky diveing, but it does have the ability to bust sweet moves almost along the lines of skate boarding. 
there is lots of spinning of pedals and unicycles, jumping/ hopping around, and lots of grinding.

do u think i'm just joking? check this video out

Step 1: Stuff Needed

there are a few things that you will need to get before you go out and give it a try.
if you are poor like me and just can't find the money to spend, i recommend just buying a old off road unicycle off ebay , then buy the safety gear as you grow more advance and need it.
if however you have always wanted to try this, and you have the money to spend, buy a brand new kris holm unicycle and all the safety gear. 
there are still lots of things i want for my unicycle, but i made sure i got a good seat, wheel and pedals, because that is most important for me.
the needed safety gear is: 
shin guards ( i never got these and i regret it every time i fall off,  nothing funner than holes ripped in your shins from the pedals)
wrist guards (i got these instantly after falling off and damaging my wrists, i decided unlike every other rider i don't want mine broken)
and a helmet (it depends what style of riding you are doing, but its always good for starters)

Step 2: That's All Folks

there are 3 main styles of rideing:
the trails is were i use my 24" unicycle, going shooting down hills off road is so much fun. street and freestyle are more on road tricks styles mostly done with 20" or 19" unicycles, but you still want a off road unicycle. if you go and buy a on road unicycle, it will be easier to first learn, but you will become very bored with it very quickly.
one other tip, buy a unicycle for your needs, do a bit of research first and find what style you want to ride, and what you need for that. if you just want something to ride to work each day, get a 36" unicycle, but if you want to do jumping get a 20" unicycle.
i got a 24" unicycle first off, it wasnt to bad but it was alot heaver,  and once i got my 20" i never use it. that is because i mostly ride street style. if you look at kris holm who rides a lot of trials he is for ever on his 24" unicycle.
if you want to learn how to ride, just give it a shot, anyone can ride it, it just takes time, i took 2 weeks to learn how to ride it but some people are quicker or slower. for help on tricks and hints check out youtube, or if you cant find anything there, message me and i will make a video for you.
feel free to add me on facebook
if you know anyone who rides in petaluma, please let me know, i just moved here from nz and haven't found anyone yet

 i will leave you with one last video from kris holm

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