F.i.c.s. - Fonera Internet Controlled Switch (ON/OFF)




Introduction: F.i.c.s. - Fonera Internet Controlled Switch (ON/OFF)

I got my first FON router for free a couple of months ago.
First thing i did was flash dd-wrt firmware on it. Since FONera router has gpio pins i decided to use one of those pins to control AC loads or turn a switch ON/OFF remotely.
There's a similar/better way of controlling AC loads - check out dd-wrt wiki..
So i decided to build a small circuit that will turn a switch ON and OFF thru the Router's Web Interface. Now i can turn anything ON/OFF from anywhere in the world.....

Also published at my site: cryptonoid.blogspot.com

Step 1: Parts Needed


check back later i will post a new circuit or check my site for updates


new circuit will be posted soon

Step 3: Software

YOU MUST HAVE DD-WRT firmware installed

- Log on to your router (ex: http:
- Go to Administration > Management
- JFFS2 Enable

- Go to 'Services'
- Enable SSH

- Go to Administration > Commands
- type:

echo 1 > /proc/gpio/3_dir
rmdir /tmp/www; ln -s /jffs/www /tmp

- Click 'Save Startup'

- Now log on to your router using ssh

ssh root@

-then type:

cd /jffs
mkdir www
cd www
wget http://cryptonoid.googlepages.com/index.sh
wget http://cryptonoid.googlepages.com/on.sh
wget http://cryptonoid.googlepages.com/off.sh
wget http://cryptonoid.googlepages.com/blink.sh
chmod +x on.sh off.sh index.sh blink.sh

-then go to

-Now you can control the switch simply by clickin ON or OFF from your favorite browser (i use my cell phone to activate the switch thru the web interface). Since my linux kung-fu skills are not developed yet, it took me some time to get familiar with .sh scripts.

Step 4: DONE

On the video above you can see circuit and the router. the circuit is connected to a multimeter to detect short circuit. You can hear a *beep* when i turn the switch on from the web interface. Also, when i run blink.sh from the web interface you can hear 10 *beeps* (the switch turns on/off 10 times). The red LED indicated the status of the switch (on or off). to display the status of the switch on the web interface i wrote a small loop inside each .sh script.


-Hook it up to your car's door switch and open your car with your wifi enabled cellphone.

-If you have Remote Start System installed on your car you can hook up the remote control of the system to your f.i.c.s. (fonera internet controlled switch) and turn ON/OFF your car from the internet

-Open your house/garage door.

-Turn ON/OFF your POOL PUMP.

-Restart additional routers with f.i.c.s.


- OpenWrt
- Steve's Bourne / Bash shell scripting tutorial

NOTICE: I am not associated with the company/product(s) mentioned in this post. BEFORE YOU TRY THIS YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING....if you get electrocuted, executed, kidnapped, burn your house down dont blame it on me....

Enjoy :)

since im not very good in programming shell scripts can someone write a Shell script where the user will be able to schedule the f.i.c.s. to go ON/OFF at certain times thru the web interface.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, I love your idea.

    I have a Fonera 2200 with DD-WRT v24 beta. I've followed all your steps, I have access by SSH, but I can't create a directory in JFFS.

    Maybe it's because of the firmware version.

    Any ideas/advice would be appreciated.


    damn, so many Fonera Mods!! (seriously like hundreds :-O )... anyway, did you get your La Fonera free on there La Fonera Aniversary, revolution day or somthing like that? (i mean me and like the rest of the world got it free on that day) :-P.. anyway, i am using a NICE belkin, wireless Mimo (fastest 1 made :-P), so a 2.4g fonera, is not my cup of tea :-( so i will risk my fonera, and mod the crap out of it, and mabe... just mabe... some day get it running better than my belkin (dought it lol)


    15 years ago on Introduction

    WHOA! While I really love your project, I must plead for you to please, PLEASE unplug this device ASAP! As jamesbond mentioned the 2N3055 is not appropriate for this application. It is only rated for 60v, and not for AC. Frankly, I'm surprised the circuit works at all. With a larger load, you run a very real risk of the transistor exploding (no, I'm not kidding).

    Take a look at http://www.epanorama.net/circuits/parallel_output.html#mainspower to see how you can build a comparably simple circuit which is worlds safer. In addition to the TRIAC being designed to control AC loads such as yours, using an opto-isolator will keep mains-power out of your FON device, meaning you won't risk electrocution.

    You can find other designs on the web which show safe ways of controlling AC using microprocessors, including the use of "solid state relays". The latter is more expensive, but quite straighforward to use (basically it's just the TRIAC and optoisolator pre-built for you). BGMicro sells these for about $10 each. You might find them even cheaper through other surplus vendors.


    15 years ago on Step 2

    you are crazy !!!! you need to put a TRIAC not a TRANSISTOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!