Introduction: Fast Craft Flower and Leaves

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I discovered this short cut to making kraft paper flowers and leaves. Instead of using kraft paper in sheets, I used paper gardening twine from Bunnings (Australia’s big box hardware store).

The bio-degradable twine is used to tie a plant to a stake. It also flattens out to about 10cm wide and looks like crumpled kraft paper. Creating the leaves is dead easy and they only need a bit of minor trimming. For the flowers, I just played around with creating petals and the flower centre (I think the flower centre is called the Ovary or Stigma, depending on the flower). It’s really not perfected, and needs a bit more mastering, but I just thought the idea was so fun and such a quick way to make kraft paper flowers and leaves.

Step 1: Flatten the Paper Gardening Twine

Take one end of the paper gardening twine. Unravel the end and flatten out the twine. It will have permanent creases and look crumpled. Continue to flatten it for about 10cm.

Step 2: Make a Leaf

Trim the flattened end into the shape of a leaf. Keep the other end twisted. You now have a leaf with a stem.

Step 3: Make a Paper Flower

To make a flower, start with the centre by flattening out a piece about 5-10cm long. Fold it over to form a knob. To make the petals, flatten out a longer length, about 45cm - 60cm. Loop into folds like a bow to form a group of petals. An odd number of petals works best. Arrange it around the centre knob. Tie string or fine wire around the base to secure the centre and 'petals'. Bend and fold the petals into shape. Assemble the flowers and leaves together to form a posy, or use as individual decorations.