Introduction: Flat Pack Birdcage

Hi, My name is Manou Storms. I am studying industrial product design on Howest in Kortrijk, Belgium.

We had an assignment to make something flat packed. I've chosen to make a birdcage flat packed.

If you want to make it your own, follow my steps!


Step 1: Materials


-illustrator document or a spiral in plexi

-strong thread (visdraad)

-crimp beats (+tongs)

-magnetic clasp

-sandpaper for birds

-pliable transparent plastic



-a thick wire

Step 2: Lasercutten

If you want to make it like I did, you have to cute this file out. I made an illustrator file, so you can cut it with a lasercutter.

Step 3: Determinable Fixed Location Between the Ribs

Throughout a strong thread and crimp beads you can determine fixed locations between the ribs of the spiral.

1.put the thread through the hole

2.put on the thread a crimp bead

3.squint the pearl

On the 10th rib you have to put a magnetic clasp beetween the ribs.

Step 4: The Bottem

To make the bottem, you need your bottem sheet, glue and flexible plastic.

1.You have to cut it like the picture have to bend the smal parts

3. You Have to glue the biggest parts on the bottom circle

4. Glue the smal parts on the outer circle

Step 5: Hanging System

You want your cage to hang zo you need to make a hanging system.

I made it from a wire.

You can bend the upper part like a coat hanger. The bottem part like you can see on the picture.

Step 6: Attach Bottem to Cage

You can use some clips to attach the bottem to the cage.

Step 7: Decoration

You can use some branches where your bird can sit on. The troughs you can choose by yourself.

Step 8: Your Cage Is Ready!

Et Voila, your cage is ready! Enjoy!