Introduction: Fire Knock

Hi, we are Lore, Yorick and Manou.

For an assignment for school we had to design a fire installation. First of all we started to freely brainstorm of what already existed or what we first thought about hearing the word 'fire'.

Soon we realized that we wanted to create something that encourages people to come and play with our installation. Because of the fact that the target audience is very spread (from young to old), we had to find something that’s pleasant for everyone. We opted for a gift! A gift that you get when you win the game. What you need to do is hit the button with the hammer. This hit will create a flash fire that needs to burn a string. Because the gift is hanging on that string, the present drops when the flame is high enough. As additional there will be also a wonderful smell of fresh baked cookies.

see video

Step 1: Materials

What you need to make a fire knock.

Step 2: Hole

Drill a hole in the beam.

Step 3: Connect Two Beams

With the welding device, you can connect beam b and c.

Step 4: Preparing Beam A

Step 5: Connect Beam a With the Rubber

Step 6: Create a Hinge Between Beam a and Beam B

Step 7: Woodlock on D

Step 8: Create Holes on the Right Place

Step 9: Preparing the Knockblock

Step 10: Create the Lever

Step 11: Saw Holes in the Cover

Take a hacksaw

Step 12: Fix the Shaft

Step 13: Fix the Cover

Step 14: Part Two, the Glass Hut

Start by drilling holes on the right place

Step 15: Fix the Glass Clip

Step 16: Create the Chassis

Step 17: Create the Glass Hut

Step 18: Fix the Glass

Step 19: Fix the Flour Sieve

Step 20: Fix the Knockblock With the Glass Hut

Step 21: The Fire Knock Is Ready