Introduction: Framed Papercraft

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papercraft in a frame is best for your little girls room table decor.

The meterials you need to do this

1.scoring board


3.8.5/11 in frame

3.glue,pencil.cutting tool flower punch

Step 1: How To

1.first draw the circle by using any cap here i used peanut bottle cap this is 2.5/2.5 in. under the circle draw the heart shape by using different color cardstock,( see the picsto get an idea)

2. you will get face and head and also cut the half inch cirles to give ears.

3.stick the all elements to give proper shape and draw the mouth by using marker pen.

4.score the two different cardstocks

5. adjust the all craft pieces and write your lils name by using marker pen.

the final project is ready to use.

Hope you like it,thanks for watching.

Step 2: How To

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