Introduction: Freezing Green Onions

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This is a really easy trick for storing green onions. I love using them, but they tend to wilt really quickly. I've tried keeping them in water, but they go slimy and smelly if you forget them for too long.

But they're so easy to freeze!

They easily defrost as soon as they hit the heat, too. :D

All you need:
  • a freezer
  • some green onions
  • a container double the size of the green onion pile you end up with
The key to this is using a bigger container - so make sure you're not packing the green onions in.

Slice them any way you like, pop them in your container and then into the freezer. Check on them every half hour for the first few hours and shake the hell out of them. This will keep them from freezing into one big chunk. That way it's easy to pour out the amount you need!

You can also lay them out on paper towels on a sheet pan and freeze them and then shove them into a container, but I like to do the big container way because it's less steps. :)

I've been able to keep them for a couple months in the freezer - they will be a little less pungent after freezing, but they're still really tasty, and the convenience makes up for it, I think!

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