Introduction: Fusion 360 4th Axis Wrapping Function for Mach3

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This instructable is on how to use the 4th axis wrapping function in the fusion 360 post processor for Mach3

This includes a guide to setting the parameters and how use them included are two video's first one is setting the parameters.

the second video shows adding text inside the boundary of the wrapping surfaces, extruding the boundary and text setting up the tool paths and post processing.

Step 1: Setting Parameters

The first step to achieving this is to set the user parameters required to make a boundary to work in.

1st Pi 3.1415927

2nd Dia, diameter of the round object to be machined

3rd cir, Dia * Pi, this gives you the length of the object's rotation

4th h, Height of the boundary this is the length of the round object to be machined

Step 2: Add Text

You can uses pretty much any font you want to use.

A object can also be drawn within the boundary that can be cut out, manly a outline image of something.

This can work for doing a lot of different things from chair legs to lampshades, for this to work you just need to think outside the box.

I will be adding some images at the end of this instructable of object I have cut using this operation.

Step 3: Press Pull

1st press pull the boundary sketch, if it's 3 mm thick material input -3 mm.

2nd turn the sketch back on. (fusion turns it off after the first press pull)

3rd press pull the letters the same distances as step 1.

Step 4: Setting Up the Setup

The set up is done like in the picture

The stock is set up as relative size box with no extra material added, with the origin placed in the middle top, with the Z axis as up and the X axis on the short edge.

Step 5: Selecting Toolpath Type

1st select engraving from the 2d drop down.

2nd set tool to use.

3rd select the text to be cut.

4th the tool orientation is the same as step 4.

5th set the height to how you want it.

Step 6: Simulate Tool Path

Simulate the toolpath to make sure it looks correct before post processing.

Step 7: Post Process

post process using Mach3 mill rotate X or Y axis.cps

set the direction to be wrapped for this instructables it is Y that is required.

then hit post and save to wherever.

the G code file has in it what to set the rotation correction too.

Step 8: Required Files and Videos

The post processor file is here, it includes the parameters saved as a .csv and a .txt

There are 2 vids on doing this they are here.

Part one is setting the parameters.

Part 2 is adding the text and setting the cut, plus post processing to Mach3. I have also included in the video setting the rotation diameter for the rotation correction.

the forum post for it is here,

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