Introduction: Hair Bow

make your own one of a kind bow

Step 1: Cute Sailor Bow

1) start with a length of your chosen material,if the edges can fray fold to meet then in the middle and iron flat so the are tucked on the inside.

Step 2:

2) fold in half and iron a line in so you know where the middle is so the bow is even.

Step 3:

3)Next get hot glue and place a small amount down the line and meet the ends,let this dry.

Step 4:

4) use a small piece of material for the middle (the red part on mine) glue one end at the back, bring around the front of the bow and to the back again...before glueing down get a clip of your choose(or clothing pin if you want to wear as a brooch or bow tie)place directly onto material and bring the red material thru the clip and glue to the start of the red so that that clip is kept tightly in place

Step 5:

place in hair and or clothes and wait for the comments!

this is a much cheaper way to accessorise, i but packs of clips of ebay for under $10 and because you dont need much material for each bow you can either buy or if you have a item of cloting that you dont wear any more its a good way to up cycle- ENJOY :)

Step 6:

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