Introduction: How to Add

this is some thing we all probably learned in first grade for those of us who don't do our homework here is the best ways I came up with

fortunately you don't need any supplies to learn
to practice you will need paper and a pencil or pen

Step 1: Easy

we all should know that 4+6=10 with out two seconds thought but there are other ways to do it

Step 2: Number Line

lets see what to do on a # line
what you do is move forward one space on the line for every #
my example 4+6 you move from space 4 to space six
you move forward one space six times
moving forward one space 6 times will land you on space 10

Step 3: To Add the Long Way

to add the long way you add 1 to each # if you don't know how to do that it means to combine the #'s

examples such as 3+1=4
9+1=10 hooray!

Step 4: Add Objects

we all probably have heard the problem Jim had 4 circles and Bill had 6 how many circles do they have in all

ha ha ha :-( this problem is sooooooo hard I think I'm going to faint

all you have to do is put the circles together in one group so now they have 10 circles in all

Step 5: You're New Friend Adding

by now you should know what your doing if you don't your hopeless and if you do know what your doing so adding should now be your new best friend and now you're parents will love and give you hugs you know maybe
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