Introduction: How to Blow a Bubblegum

In this instuctable i'm going to explain how you can blow a bubblegum.

Step 1: Bubblegum

You just need gum, pink bubblegum is cool.

Step 2: Bubblegum

remove the paper

Step 3: Bubblegum

put the gum in to your mouth.

Step 4: Bubblegum

and now ... chew chew chew en put the gum between your tongue and palate. and push it flat and thin.

Step 5: Bubblegum

bring it now between your teeth en you tongue en push your tongue outside, the gum goes around you tongue.

Step 6: Bubblegum

put your tongue back into your mouth en start to blow.

Step 7: Bubblegum


Step 8: Bubblegum


Step 9: Bubblegum


Step 10: Bubblegum

and finally, if the bubblegum don't explode you can push the rest of the gum together en take it out of your mouth.