Introduction: How to Build an Electric Vehicle on a Budget for the Cheap, Electric Bed

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this is about how i built an electric go-cart for really cheap which turned into a battery powered bed and i will show you how i did it to get you ideas for a similar project. I did it to really help me learn about building an electric car.

Step 1: Pick a Frame

first your going have to find some thing with a strong fram like a bed or a couch or some thing like i got hear

Step 2: Next Use Ziptiyes to Hold It ....

together if you dont atach the box spring to the mattress you will fly all over

Step 3: Welled a Frame for the Drive Train to Sit In

Step 4: Pick a Motor

i usesd to 10 amp drill motors from the tool store but you should get some dc motors

Step 5: Figuer Your Power and How Much U Will Nead

i used this web site to do my power aka best gear ratsio to use for it with