How to Build an Electric Vehicle on a Budget for the Cheap, Electric Bed

Introduction: How to Build an Electric Vehicle on a Budget for the Cheap, Electric Bed

About: i like to build things and i really suck at spelling and wrighting so look at my picks and you will see more about me

this is about how i built an electric go-cart for really cheap which turned into a battery powered bed and i will show you how i did it to get you ideas for a similar project. I did it to really help me learn about building an electric car.

Step 1: Pick a Frame

first your going have to find some thing with a strong fram like a bed or a couch or some thing like i got hear

Step 2: Next Use Ziptiyes to Hold It ....

together if you dont atach the box spring to the mattress you will fly all over

Step 3: Welled a Frame for the Drive Train to Sit In

Step 4: Pick a Motor

i usesd to 10 amp drill motors from the tool store but you should get some dc motors

Step 5: Figuer Your Power and How Much U Will Nead

i used this web site to do my power aka best gear ratsio to use for it with

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Sounds interesting, but I have some questions:

    How and where did you get your drive chain and gears from? Are you just running a chain of batteries for 110vdc to power the drill motors? It looks like you've got "tank" drive (each rear tire driven independently) to have steering. How well does that work for you here?


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    sorry its a crappy instructible because i made it after i finshed the project but look up 35 roller chain  thats what i used you can get it from TSC but i got it off line becuse i got sprocuts to wich you cant get at tracter supply and yess to all the other questions but i do have a problem with the fact that it 120v dc not ac and its really hard to find swiches for that exspachially a vairable controller but other than that its fun and gose about 8mph with a lot of thork 

    damm i cant spell and spell check wont work but o well lol 


    12 years ago on Step 5

    hi, could you link the website as a coment?
    i don't see a link :(
    nice going!