Introduction: How to Create a Practical Pellet Holder for 1.77 & .22 Air Gun Enthusiasts

This instructable shows you how to make a cheap but very effective pellet holder for when you are out in the field. The pellet holder is light weight, makes no sound or rattle about like a tin of pellets do, which is good if you don't want to scare away quarry.
It is flexible while still holding each pellet firmly and not dropping out, also it can be hung around your neck for easy access so there is no need to reach into your pocket for a pellet. In this instructable the pellet holder made holds 50 pellets, however the design can be changed so the pellet holder will hold any number of pellets you like, also you can make this in any colour you like depending on the colour of the wellington boot used.

Step 1: Materials

The tools and materials you will need to make this project are:

a pen, 
a drawing square or ruler,
a pair of good quality scissors,
a piece of card,
a wellington boot,
a drill or quality hole punch,
a drill bit  (if you use a drill)

Step 2: Make a Template

Now the first step is to make your template for the pellet holder, 
so i drew a 6 cm x 11 cm rectangle on a piece of card using a ball point pen.
Then i drew a semi circular arch on the top outer edge of the rectangle, and cut this out.

Step 3: Cut & Mark Your Material Out

The second step is to cut the wellington boot into a usable piece, then mark your material out,
to do this place your template you previously made on the or wellington boot
and draw around it.   

Step 4: Verticle Lines

Once you have drawn the outline of your pellet holder, use the pen and square to mark in from the left edge 1cm, 2cm, 3m, 4cm, 5cm on the horizontal line you have drawn at the top (shown picture 1), and do the same on the bottem horizontal line (shown in picture 2). These dots can then be joined creating 5 verticle lines (shown in picture 3).       

Step 5: Horizontal Lines

Using the pen and square, on the left side of the rectangle mark in 1cm, 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, 6cm, 7cm, 8cm, 9cm, 10cm, 11cm, from the bottom edge to the top edge (shown in picture 1),
do the same on the right side of the rectangle (shown in picture 2).
and then join these dots up to create a cross grid on your material (shown in picture 3). 

Step 6:

Using the scissors cut around the outer edge of the shape to create the main part of your pellet holder. 

Step 7:

make a hole where each line intersects (crosses) using the drill and bit, this can be done with a good quality hole punch if this is more convenient. There should be fifty holes for fifty pellets to fit,if you have followed this design.
Don't forget to make two holes at the top,  thread some string through the holes and tie each end to allow the pellet holder to hang around your neck.