Introduction: How to Create Batman Nail Art

 for this instructable i made 5 nail designs that relate to batman. these nail art designs are easy to do and fun to wear.

you will need:
dark red, light red, green and black regular nail polish,
white, yellow, brown\nude, black, and green nail art polish,
black nail art pen
nail art dotting tool,paper towel, and nail polish remover

Step 1: Step One:batman's Face

 for the first design, i started with batman's face. start by painting the whole nail with a black coat of nail polish. (if you are putting this design on yours or a friends real nail make sure to apply a base coat first, to protect your nail from damage.

add the white at the top of the nail to make the black look like Batmans ears. also with the white nail art polish create his eyes by making two right angle triangles.

with the brown nail art brush, paint the bottom of the nail, make sure there's a point in the middle of the nail, so the black will create Batman's nose . after the brown is dyed add one small horizontal black line to create Batmans mouth.

than your finished

Step 2: Step Two: Robin

to create Batmans sidekick  robin nail art start by painting the whole nail light red. after the red is dried add the green to make it look like a basic manicure. paint a black kinda large circle in the middle of  the red polish. after the black is dried use the yellow nail art polish and draw a capital R.

and your finished robin

Step 3: Step Three: Batman's Symbol

 to create batman's symbol paint the whole nail with a yellow polish. after the yellow dries add four small black dots near one side of the nail, (make sure they are in a perfect line) with the two dots in the middle create the two dots into very small triangles .on the other side of the nail make two triangles make sure you only put dots on the points of the triangles.

other steps for batman's symbol are on the next step.

Step 4: Batman's Symbol STAGE TWO

just follow the pictures for this step. it's the easiest way to do it right. 

Step 5: Step Four: Harley

 for batman's enemy Harley (jokers girlfriend) paint the whole nail dark red. when that dries take your black nail art polish and paint a vertical nail in the middle of the nail, and also paint a horizontal line in the middle of the nail, they should cross each other in the center of the nail. with the black nail polish fill in 2 of the 4 squares, (make sure the two squares your filling are across for each other) .
with the white nail art polish paint 4 long triangles that almost touch the horizontal line. apply some white polish to the piece of paper towel you put out, with the dotting tool, dip the tool into the white polish and put the white dots at the end of the triangles.

and than your finished

Step 6: Step Five: the Riddler

 for the riddlers nail art paint the whole nail green. with the black nail art pen paint one large question mark, than add a bunch of smaller question marks.

than your finished riddlers

Step 7: Animation