Introduction: How to Design the Instructables Cup!

This is just a guide line for what your next project might be. If you want to make this you would have to download something called 123d Design, but take it easy it is free. Now, I am not going through super difficult and complicated stuff in this tutorial, but I will be showing you some of the basics of this programme.

Step 1: The Shape

start by going to the bar at the top and select shapes. then you click on cylinder. How big you want it is all up to you, but mine was 50mm in radius, and then I just chose the hight that looked the best.

Step 2: The Handle (optional)

If you want a handle on your cup, mug, glass or whatever follow these steps. Go back to the shapes and click on the Torus. Don´t set it down before you have adjusted the thickness and the radius. Turn it on a 90 degree angle, lift it up and place it just over half the way in the cup. When you have completed this, use the icon with the triangle, circle and the square to combine the two objects together by then clicking on group.

Step 3: Make It Hollow

Start by making another cylinder but this time it should be narrower and not as tall, don´t overdo this. Then do something called to snap. To do this you click on the magnet icon then you click on the bottom of the new cylinder and at the top of the old one. They should automatically place one on top of the other. Now we will use that icon we used in the last step with the square and triangle and so on, but this time we will click on ungroup. Slowly move the new cylinder down and in to the old one. If they don´t line up perfectly it can easily be adjusted in the little bar where the numbers change when you move up and down. Now we will do a little trick called subtraction. Click on the two 3d squares linked together and then on the square far to the right on the bar that just popped up, then click on subtract. Now select the cup first then the cylinder inside it so hit enter.

Step 4: The Inscription

How do you make text you might ask? Pop out the bar at the side by opening the mysterious arrow to your left. The first thing you should see is the text, at the top.You can change what is written there at the bottom and also the size and hight. then place it on your cup and push it a little bit in. Now I wanted the text to stick in instead of out. And to do that I just simply used the subtraction tool. Now that is your cup!! Thanks for viewing my -ible!!
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