Introduction: How to Make Your Own Snowman Piggybank!

In this Tutorial I will be showing you how to make a piggybank with a little twist. I will be designing it in a program called 123d Design, by the way it is free! 

Step 1:

start by hovering your mouse over the shapes emblem then click on the sphere. Change the size to what suits you the best (I almost double the size later). Then choose the sphere again but this time make it a little bit smaller and place it on top of the other sphere. now move the object down and in to the new one. Then once again make sphere and once again make it a little smaller than the last one place it on top of the second and move it a little into the ball. Now its time for making it all into one piece. Click on Grouping, Grop and then click on all of the different objects.

Step 2: Making It Able to Stand Up

From the title you probably understood that we were going to make the bottom flat. To do this step we just make a huge box and place it under the snowman. Then we move the two objects so they intersect. By there we are going to subtract. We just simply click on Combine then we shift the option from join to Subtract. We click first on the snowman then on the box.

Step 3: The Compartment Room

Sadly I am missing some pictures on this step :(. Make a cube, and make it slim. As slim as a coin in fact. Make it long about from the bottom to over the top of the Snow Man.  Then make a box. Please make it bigger than I did. Then intersect the two so they become something like the thing on picture. Again put it inside and Subtract it. You should now have a compartment inside your snowman.

Step 4: Decoration

Put whatever you want on that Thing! I went traditional but you can go for whatever you want to. I started out by making buttons out of cylinders. Then a Nose out of a Cone. And so I made eyes and a mouth out of Cylinders.

Step 5: You Are DONE!

You have completed your own little protector over the money just laying around the house, now go around your house and gather some money!!
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