Introduction: How to Draw a Character =Female

simple way to draw a character .it might be a little slobby but your imagination can fix it

Step 1: Eyes /easy

This eye style is easy for beginners. This is what i call hooks and ovals .draw two hooks it has to be close to each other but not touching. draw vertical ovals depending which way your character is looking

Step 2: Ears

the ear is shaped like a hook next to but not touching the eyes

Step 3: Nose

for the ear draw a simple line going inwards .the nose is just a check mark in a slanted way .

Step 4: Connect the Dots ... Shape of Head and Mouth

connect the dots is easy . the first dot in going to be the chin part skip a space at the bottom of the nose for the mouth and center it using your characters nose . the second dot is located at the corner of the eye not touching .then you can connect the dots with a curve to shape the face .you can erase the dots later when you finalize the drawing.

Step 5: Hair and Fixings

you can draw pointed hair starting from the dot to the ear and make a curve going back to the dot .Now make another hook starting from the bangs and back to shape the back of the head .......erase and fix to liking of hair style .

Step 6: Finished

finished add the body and color in the eyes if you want ... Check out other styles too

comment below and send a pic of your work :)