Introduction: Pancake Mix to Banana Pancakes

pancake mix too banana pancakes easy to make

Step 1: Ingredients


banana (two or one)
butter (2 tbs)
milk (1/2 cup)
pancake mix (2 cups)
water 1cup

Step 2: Blend Into the Blender

put one whole banana and the two tbs of butterand 1/2 milk and blend .
p.s if you want chunks blend for 5 sec

Step 3: Pancake Mix .mix

2 cups of pancake mix
1 cups water
measuring cup
pour mix into bowl pour water then mix what you can .
then add the banana mix into mixture
add more water for desired look ..aka make it look like pancake mix .

Step 4: Finished

Sorry no pic because i forgot to take it but it was very yummy and worth it .add walnuts or cinnamon.
Thanks for viewing
P.s internet pancake pic don't want to get in trouble