Introduction: How to Make a DJ Turntable Out of Recycled Materials

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Ok this is an instructable on making a DJ input turntable from recycled materials. you can use this turntable for many uses such as OTS turntables or another program that uses mouse strokes to Scratch the turntable. the pictures below are the completed turntable.

Step 1: Materials

these are all the materials, and tools needed to make the recycled turntable. 

1. DVD case 
2. Mouse (laser or ball) 
3. CD (broken)
4. Cardboard
5. Gluegun / hot glue
6. Scissors 
7. Glue

Step 2: Construction of the Base

the following is how to build the turntable.
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1.first cut the DVD case center piece out.
2.Cut a rectangle out of the remaining pieces of the case
3.Paste the two parts together on a piece of cardboard. trim the cardboard around the dvd case.

Step 3: Adding the Mouse

4.Ok when you add the mouse make sure the ball or laser is over the place where the cd rests
5.if you have an older mouse you can remove the back part.

Step 4: Finished View

6. put the cd into the dvd holder. spin the disk. if built correctly the ball of the mouse should read the spin of the disc as a scroll of the mouse.

when finished it should look like this: